Thursday, April 20, 2017

Miniart Castle (Part 3: The Kitbash Keep)

Recently, the Miniart Castle project has returned to the workbench to begin the dreaded roofing for the keep. Honestly, the thought of cutting a kerbillion shingles for the keep has kept me from progressing further. With the first coat painted, it was time to start roofing. I started by laying out the beams using plastic and matchsticks.

This was the easy part. This was quick and easy and gave a better idea of how the keep will eventually look.

Then, I began the laborious process of cutting the roof tiles. It is dull and time-consuming, but worth it in the end.

So, it has been a week of cutting and gluing.

As you can see from the Zvezda peasant leader, the keep is quite big.
Now back to roofing.
As always, thanks for reading.