Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1/72 Zombie Horde Project Part II (Conversions)

The cool part about 1/72 miniatures is that you get to slice them, dice them, remove their heads, and convert them to your hearts content. What's cool about 1/72 zombies is that your mistakes actually make them look better. The Zombie horde project continues with a slew of conversion from the Caesar and Dark Alliance sets.
Please forgive the half painted pictures....this post is about conversions, bub!
Big Boned Ladies

Big Boned Lads

Evening Dress Lasses

Business Men

Grunge Types

Dudes in Suits

Creepy Kids

More Creepy Kids

Still Life with Creepy Kids

Undead Ladies

Zombie Cops

Zed Nurses and Waitresses

Yet More Creepy Kids

Dead Doctors and Scientists

Undead Teenagers

The Random Dead
Dudes of the Dead

Dead Guys

Side View of Crawlers
The painting table is infested with the living dead. Which means that I have my work cut out for me. Until the next post, thanks for looking.

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