Monday, November 26, 2018

Dirt Cheap Portable Gaming Tiles

 In an ideal world, I have my own gaming room, complete with carefully crafted terrain boards for any game, be it pulp adventures in the jungle or the surface of an alien moon. Of course, the terrain boards would  be covered with masterly painted buildings, handcrafted trees of the highest order, and each miniature would be an award winning masterpiece.
Instead, I have a cramped workroom cluttered with the needs of domestic life.
As I work on my projects, I trip over stored fans, a vacuum cleaner, and the all the odds and ends that find no other place in my home. Which means that I need a terrain system that can be packed up and put away when the gaming room needs to become a work room.
In my never ending quest for cheap wargaming stuff, I came across these cork boards at the local 'El Cheapo' Mart.
I quickly mixed some sand with some dark brown paint and go to work.
Then it was simply dry brush in lighter shades of brown and flock.
The seems where they join can be a bit distracting but if you throw enough terrain on them, the gaps get covered. Not bad for 5 dollars.
I also found this carpeted version, which I snagged to see if I can make instant fields and grass.
On a side note, during my trip to the dollar store, I snagged this dinosaur for my lizardman army and to teach myself how to sculpt with greenstuff.
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